You can now find Jessica on Sleep Magic ✨
Sleep WaveNovember 09, 2022

You can now find Jessica on Sleep Magic ✨

Hi! Jessica here - welcome to Sleep Magic! ✨ looking for my old episodes? You can now find them over on my brand new podcast that harnesses the power of Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation to help you fall asleep easily every night.

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As well as helping you drift off into a deep sleep with my new podcast, I’m also going to spend some time talking to you about all the different things that go into being, well, human! From releasing anxieties to building self-love, we’re going to take a deep dive into how we can improve our relationship with ourselves, as well as our sleep, one night at a time.

So whether you’re struggling with sleep, or something is keeping you up at night, you can find Sleep Magic on your favourite podcast player every Wednesday, waiting to help you find greater rest. It really is magic, and I can’t wait for us to get started.

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