Sleep Meditation - Surrender To Sleep
Sleep WaveSeptember 19, 2022

Sleep Meditation - Surrender To Sleep

In tonight's Sleep Meditation with Karissa, we are going to learn how to surrender- surrender to our beds, surrendering our worries, opening our mind and body up to all the peace that is available to us. By surrendering we can release our anxiety, ceasing to struggle to control our minds and the world around us, and allowing sleep to take over. 

First, we'll start with some relaxing insight from Karissa (00:00-04:36)

Before tonight's Sleep Meditation (04:36-35:40)

Surrendering is easier said that done, of course. Our minds want to fix problems, and yet the beautiful and mysterious part of meditation is that by releasing thoughts of the how or when or why, the answers can actually make their way to us. Tonight we’re going to practice getting quiet and still so our minds can arrive in the present moment, and drift off to a healing sleep. 

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