Sleep Meditation - Savouring Sleep
Sleep WaveJune 13, 2022
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Sleep Meditation - Savouring Sleep

Tonight's Sleep Meditation will guide you through a practice of mindfulness, by exploring and savouring the 5 senses and helping you to journey inward towards the source of your senses.

First, we'll start with some relaxing insight from Karissa (00:00-04:43)

Before tonight's Sleep Meditation (04:43-35:02)

The senses are our way into beauty. But we can blunt our senses. We can look without seeing, hear without listening, touch without feeling… in other words we can easily fall into a pattern of unawareness, missing that aesthetic experience that is at the heart of life. To refine your senses and little by little increase your capacity for appreciation is a worthy pursuit in any life, which gives you the sensitivity needed to be present and mindful. 

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