Sleep Meditation - Living Authentically For Peaceful Sleep
Sleep WaveMarch 06, 2023

Sleep Meditation - Living Authentically For Peaceful Sleep

In tonight's Sleep Meditation with Karissa, we’re going to create a quiet cocoon for ourselves so we can hear our inner selves and begin to live a more authentic life. 

First, we'll start with some relaxing insight from Karissa (00:00-04:05)

Before tonight's Sleep Meditation (04:05-34:56)

Authenticity is more than simply reflecting on one’s feelings and then acting in ways that affirm those feelings. Authenticity has more to do with being yourself in the sense of owning your actions and speech with integrity. Inner feelings are important guides but they can be more like transient whims than reliable indicators for authenticity. Being authentic, or put another way, being-who-you-are, is an active state and unfolds in real-time as it is currently in-progress, even at this precise moment.

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