Sleep Meditation - Freedom From Fear
Sleep WaveMay 09, 2022
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Sleep Meditation - Freedom From Fear

In tonight's guided Sleep Meditation with Karissa, we’re going to surround ourselves with reassurance and kindness, really caring for ourselves. Breathe deeply and feel relief in your mind and body as you settle into this sleep meditation, knowing this rest will help you to handle anything that may come your way by morning’s light. 

First, we'll start with a calm catch up with Karissa (0:00-04:34)

Before tonight's Sleep Meditation (04:34-35:56) 

Fear is not a thing anyone enjoys feeling, and yet it is something that we all feel, from time to time. Fear is a necessary response that is meant to protect us - to ignite our fight or flight response - but sometimes that can get over-activated and leave us awake at night. While of course sometimes there is really something that requires our action and the fear is there as a tool, most of the time a lot of the fear is in our minds, thinking about things that might or might not ever happen. 

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