Get Your 4 Week Free Trial of Sleep Wave Premium! ⭐️💎
Sleep WaveJune 10, 2024

Get Your 4 Week Free Trial of Sleep Wave Premium! ⭐️💎

Upgrade to premium in just two taps on Apple Podcasts or via for all other podcast platforms. 💜

Ready to transform your sleep this Spring? For one week only You can dive into Sleep Wave Premium with an extended one month free trial.

You’ll unlock over 40 bonus episodes, all episodes ad-free, and next month I’m going to be releasing a Premium Bonus episode every single week! Including two bedtime stories! So start your one month free trial today, offer ends 17th June.

During your free trial, you can drift off to our entire back catalogue of over 200 episodes totally ad-free, and this month we’re spoiling you with two additional bedtime stories, alongside all the other bonus content!

We’ll be kicking things off by whisking you away to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii where we’ll meet a woman named Penny who has set out to become a house-sitter in beautiful homes across the world. It’s true escapism! Then, prepare for a sleepy remix of classic literature as we dive into the enchanting world of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. See you there!

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